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Renovating? New Build? Start here

Our homes are our biggest investments, so it is understandable that you want yours to be perfect.

Let Concept Design Studio take the stress out of visualising plans or ideas by allowing us to create detailed three dimensional drawings of your proposed project, allowing you to look at the finished product before work has even commenced!

It’s the perfect chance to iron out problems before they get too costly to fix.

See it Now, Build it Later

Now there’s no need to wait months to see your dream home take shape.  Work with Design Concept Studio to create virtual imagery of your project before you engage builders or contractors, ensuring your wishes are translated into reality. Concept Design Studio’s imagery helps reduce communication errors and gives you the chance to try before you buy. Making changes to design, colour schemes and finishes before you build saves money and time.

In The News

Even the experts can see the benefits of Concept Design Studio’s 3D imaging. Check out what they had to say about us in the Weekend West’s Ask The Experts column. In the New Homes lift out this Saturday 20th July.

Perfect Spaces Made Easy

Don’t waste another moment worrying that your planned kitchen, bathroom, living area or new home won’t live up to your expectations. At Concept Design Studio, we can turn your vision into a virtual reality, allowing you to see exactly what you’re going to build, before the job has even started.